How to set Notepad++ as the Git editor instead of Vim

There are also plenty of hex-to-RGB converters online, like this one. In this example, we’re creating a table with the tag. Select the theme for which you want to change color. There is a Global Override level also available. The Changes done at the Global Override level Overrides all the configuration changes done at language […]

Problem Creating PDFs Printing PDF Opens in Notepad with Error re Font Create PDF

As a bonus, it also removes blank lines automatically. To remove the trailing and/or leading whitespace from each line in a text file, use the Blank Operations menu. Insert one unique line of data, with multiple line breaks in the Address column. Consider a scenario where a significant amount of data is copied from SSMS […]

Do I Really Need to Update My Drivers?

Do NOT download and install software from sites that you do not trust. You may also be able to find your printer’s software on a third-party site if the printer is too old to merit support. Be wary of downloading from third-party sites, however. Click the download link for your printer’s software. Real-time protection — […]

How to Turn off Private Browsing in All Popular Browsers

Software-Defined Networking is a network architecture approach that decouples the control plane from the data plane, enabling centralized control of the entire network through software. The commands are run from this CLASSES_ROOT hive as this is where the associations are kept. Mind you, if the malware fails to gain admin privileges, it won’t load itself […]

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